Energetic Body Testimonials

"I have had plenty of teachers over the years and thought the process was fairly 'predictable'. Eva confounded all expectations and former ideas with her unique mix of exercise with insight, and physicality with spirituality; she clearly has a special healing gift and an ability to 'read' people which is very striking and rare. I have been suffering with chronic fatigue for nearly two years and it was only under Eva's guidance that this has finally begun to shift - not just in the body but in the mind. It is as if 'positivity' is part of the package on offer, transmitted to clients along with rigorous, intelligent and thoughtful practice. I can't recommend her highly enough." Eileen Horne, TV producer, May 2009

"Eva developed a new approach that has led to better results and more fun!" Jeremy Blood, Chief Inspector, London MET Police

"Eva is amazing at what she does, I'm in my best shape because of her!" Tala Al- Dabbous, Head Paediatric Dietician

"Eva is a being with unique energy and energetic gifts- her ancestral bloodline has given her innate talents, and her spirit is taking her to the next level of imparting divine guidance. Much love to you beautiful girl." Lucy Cavendish, Author of The Oracle Tarot, and White Magic, Co-projects with Deepak Chopra & Chakradance

"Eva has always demonstrated and delivered consistently high standards of yoga instructorship within our club, and always results in great feedback and demand for more of her classes." David Tate, Roko Health Club

"I am so proud of myself. I am actually loving my body, which is something I thought would never happen... I’m tuned into it now on a completely different level and it feels amazing!" Ingrid- Director of Mint Tea & Rose Water, luxury catering business

"Through her motivational and inspiring style, I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to have fun and benefit from a total mind and body makeover!" Alicia Ozerskis

“Seriously think the work you do is amazing, you always make me feel so centred and balanced – it's marvellous!" Jane Thompson- Universal Business Media